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How the Bulls in the Sale Reflect Our Breeding Objectives

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

This blog describes the principal sire groups and how they express our breeding objectives. More information on the bulls is available on our website and will be available in our sale catalog to be released around October 20th for our upcoming Production Sale being held at Montana Livestock Auction in Ramsay, MT (online at Cattle USA and Northern Livestock) on November 19th.


Sitz Profound 680G (19392993), a son of the famous Sitz Stellar 726D. Profound is owned by Hollow Top Angus and Sitz Angus. He provides an excellent example of the phenotype we are developing. He is powerful, muscular, thick, and deep. Not only that, but he combines low birth weight with strong growth, good maternal, excellent feet, and a 38 PAP score.

Thirty-five Profound sons will sell. They express their sire’s phenotype very well as they are uniform, have his thickness throughout and terrific rib depth. Profound sons are easy keeping bulls, and a pleasure to be around. The sons in our sale have an average 82-pound birth weight, 634-pound adjusted wean weight. They can handle altitude as the sire group averaged 42 with over three-quarters under 44. A typical Profound son in the sale is pictured below.

Sitz Accomplishment 720F (19078208) is a son of Poss Achievement and owned by ABS Global and Sitz Angus. Accomplishment is a more moderate yet thick, deep, and powerful bull that combines low birth weight with strong growth, good maternal, feet, and a 2%tile PAP.

Twenty Accomplishment sons will sell. A typical son is pictured below. They are uniformly thick and deep. Their shoulder and butt sections are balanced and wide. They combine strong growth with better than average carcass and good maternal. Six of the offering merit the AAA’s CAB designation. Nearly two-thirds of the offering had actual PAP scores of 44 or below.

KG Justified 3023 (17707279) was a very productive sire owned by KG Angus, Arntzen Angus and Gartner-Denowh Angus. He combines size and power with good maternal, good feet and CAB certified carcass quality. He is particularly well-known for the impressive daughters he spawned.

The sale includes 13 Justified sons. They are all very thick, deep-barreled bulls with good maternal EPDs, good docility, and excellent feet. As a sire group, they had an average birth weight of 82 pounds and a 645-pound average 205-day weight. The Justified sire group had an average PAP score of 40 and 92% of the Justified bulls scored equal to or below 44.

Poss Rawhide (19416968), owned by Poss Angus and Sexing Technologies, is a son of Poss Maverick, who in turn is a son of Basin Payweight 1682. Rawhide is a proven heifer bull who combines low birth weight with strong growth, docility, good maternal, a 2%tile PAP EPD and CAB designated carcass quality.

Nine Rawhide sons will sell. As a sire group, they are slightly more moderate framed than the other major herd sire groups in the sale. They combine excellent carcass quality (all but two qualify as CAB) with uniformly thick and deep bodies. Their shoulders and hips are balanced and well proportioned. As a group the Rawhide sons had an average birth weight of 85 pounds and an average adjusted wean weight of 628 pounds. The low PAP EPD of their sire carried through as five sons had actual PAP scores lower than or equal to 44.

Our next blog will discuss in more review our approach to PAP testing and provide more information on the PAP strength of our sale offering. We encourage you to reach out to our team at Hollow Top Angus with any questions, and we look forward to seeing you at our sale in Ramsay on November 19th.

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